Bharat Gas Cylinder

Bharat Gas Cylinder is used to store and use the LPG gas. As the LPG gas is liquid form of gas kept under pressure a container is required to store the LPG. But the Bharat Gas cylinder requires to be installed properly otherwise it may be risky to use. The installation process for the first time is to be done by an experienced person or user can also ask the at the distribution center for the first time installation.

The main parts or the things required for Bharat Gas cylinder installation are:

  • The cylinder with self-closing valve.
  • A pressure regulator which is to be connected to the outlet of the valve.
  • A gas stove or the range of cooking appliances.
  • A rubber tube which will connect the regulator and the appliance.

The Bharat Gas cylinder as contains LPG gas is inflammable and thus should be placed safely in the proper way and in the proper position. The placement steps for the cylinder are:

  • The cylinder should be placed vertically the valve facing the upwards direction.
  • The cylinder should be placed away from any naked flame.
  • The place where the cylinder is to be kept should be above ground level and should be with enough ventilation.
  • The position should be easily accessible.

To install the Bharat gas Cylinder the user should follow the below mentioned safety processes:

  • While installing the gas cylinder the valve of the pressure regulator should be turned OFF.
  • The burner taps should also be closed and it should be made sure that there is no smell of gas.
  • The valve then should be opened and the regulator knob should be turned to the ON position.
  • To test the connection a match should be lighted and hold to the burner.
  • The burner should be turned on by rotating the knob in the anticlockwise direction.
  • The burner should be shut after use.
  • The valve of the cylinder should also be turned off by turning the regulator knob

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  1. Bhakti Mahendra Remje says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    My daughter Janhavi, Who is just 11 years old, has developed an idea of carrying 1 or 2 cylinder with the trolly. If given a chance we can assure you this will help the people to keep that instrument in society where the lift is not working and also your cylinder carrying people. they all travel upto 7th floor when lift is not working or forget about lift, any person can take that cylinder without having so much load.

    Hope i will here from you very soon. because on mother’s day my daughter thought something for me this is great gift from her i think so.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Bhakti Remje
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  3. pareshshirodkar says:

    I am a customer of THE GOA CO-OP. MARKETING & SUPPLY FEDERATION LTD. Ponda, Goa and my consumer number with them is 020644. The agency has not delivered me the gas cylinder inspite of me placing the order and following up with them for the last 6 weeks. I got my last refill in March 2013. The agency seems to be selling gas cylinders in the black market. Inspite of customers ready to pay Rs. 850/- for a cylinder (without subsidy) the agency is not delivering the same. How are the customers to cook food without the gas cylinder refills delivered on time?

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